In this blog post, I will be telling you all about my goals in 2018 for my business EV Designs!

This year my main aim is to grow my business so that we are taking in a nice consistent amount of money each month.
It will be my first year focusing 100% on the business as I am not at college anymore.
So this means there is no excuse! I’ve got lots of time on my hands and I just need to be determined enough to crack on.

The big things I want to achieve this year is:

  • Finish my Website.
  • Look into doing crowd funding so I can buy an embroidery machine.
  • Create more products to put in my online store.
  • Start a kids line.
  • Start printing home decor.
  • Work at events over the summer.
  • Potentially some freshers fairs.
  • Work at Christmas markets.
  • Research other ways of expanding my business.
  • Look at other suppliers to try and get the best deals.

In September I started building my website on WordPress. It has taken me nearly 4 months to do, and I have only just published it, even though there are still a few pages that are “coming soon”. I decided to publish it now to push me to add the finishing touches and be done with it. Otherwise I could have still been doing it next month focusing on very minor and unimportant details. I think for me, the hardest part about building my website wasn’t the technical parts, but more the creative bits and getting the right images.

There was a few weeks during my website build, where I just became fed up and lost as to what I was doing. But during these times, I found the best thing to do is to just walk away and play on the Xbox or watch a film. Then later on I would come back refreshed and in a better frame of mind. A massive help for me was my friends, Zoe and Chris, when I would feel lost or down about not getting anywhere with my website, they would pick me up, slap me around the face (not literally) and push me to get on with it. These are the kind of people you should surround yourself with, in my opinion.

One thing that I was asked about a lot last year was embroidery. Lots of people wanted their logos embroidered rather than printed, and this lost me some potentially large customers. Therefore it is something I wish to look into this year, and hope I can get an embroidery machine to offer this service. For the past 5 months or so, I have been doing lots of research on embroidery machines. But it is so hard to know who to believe on the internet, as I feel that everyone is just trying to sell you their machines.

Some things I need to consider:

  • what brand to go with.
  • amount of needles.
  • how many heads.
  • the size of the embroidery area/hoops.
  • What type of thread to use.
  • backings to use.
  • what software to buy to digitise your logos etc.
    There are lots of things I need to think about, and this has made it really hard for me to know what machine to buy. As there are lots of brands and different models to choose from. I don’t have the biggest budget, but at the same time, I would rather spend a bit more and get a machine that is going to last longer.

Hangry quote jumper EV DesignsOne option I was thinking about doing to get an embroidery machine is crowd funding. I haven’t looked into this yet, so it may not be the right option for me. But I want to look into it and see if it is something that would work.

I also want to create more products this year. My goal is to create some really strong designs to add to my shop. I have already started my tie-dye products, playing with new colours and patterns. I am also looking at expanding the business to doing kids clothing and home decor products.
Once I have a good amount of quality Designs together and in the shop. I will then look into other ways of expanding the business (mugs, hats, stickers etc.).

evie and jack at the EV Designs Stall at pride canterbury festival 2017
Last year (2017) we had a stall at Pride Canterbury, it was a great day and very successful!

This year (2018) we want to do more festivals like pride!
I will be meeting with a friend of mine, and we will be discussing potential events for the year to come. I am a bit worried and know that we will more than likely have a few events that aren’t successful. But we won’t know until we try. We didn’t have a stall at any Christmas fairs last year (2017), but my aim is, that if I prepare really early and create some really nice gift sets, that this Christmas we could try some.

So that is my plan for this year, but I’m sure il be adding to it as I go, plus there is sure to be some surprises around the corner!

Next weeks blog post will be about our trip to the Printwear and Promotion LIVE! Expo in Birmingham, for EV Designs.

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