Hello and thank you for reading! Today I will be looking back at our ‘EV Designs goals for 2018’ blog post, and talking about what we have achieved and what we need to focus on next!

First I would like to apologise for slacking recently, it has been a busy time for me, so these weekly blog posts may become monthly, with a few extras every now and then!

The big things I want to achieve this year!

  1. Finish my Website.
    Job Done!
  2. Look into doing crowd funding so I can buy an embroidery machine.
    This goal has been postponed until 2019, as we want to focus more on what we already offer, before taking such a big (and expensive) leap.
  3. Create more products to put in my online store.
    This is my job for today actually! I am designing a few different clothing lines (Dino, Space, etc.) Coming Soon! Keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for hints of the looks to come!
  4. Start a kids line.
    I will be doing this along side designing my new ranges (Dino, Space etc.).
  5. Start printing home decor.
    This is something I have begun working on, but not yet ready to reveal!
    Keep an eye on our social media sites! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  6. Work at events over the summer.
    I contacted Pride Canterbury, as we wanted to have another stall this year (2018), but unfortunately the price has gone up way too much for us to be able to afford it. We will however hopefully be having a stall at Pride Folkestone this year (2018)!
    And we are still looking for more events. So please Contact us if you know of any events happening this year that might suit us!
  7. Potentially some freshers fairs.
    I have started putting together some designs for potential freshers fairs, so now we just need to contact some Universities!
  8. Work at Christmas markets.
    As we have been really busy, this is the furthest thing from my mind at the moment!
    But I know it’ll soon sneak up on us!
  9. Research other ways of expanding my business.
    Right, ideas so far are Kids and home decor (as stated above), looking into mugs and stationary (but would need to invest in more equipment for this, and also would need a bigger workshop), I am also doing art workshops now, starting with my Beginners Lino Cutting And Print Making (now postponed to the 8th of April) but am looking to do more in the future as well.
    Still thinking of other sources of income. Preferably less time consuming than my current as there is only one of me! 
  10. Look at other suppliers to try and get the best deals.
    Job Done!

Additional goals!

  1. Work on branding.
  2. Sort out all Holidays/Occasions (Christmas, Valentines etc.) Social media posts and ads in advance ready for easy posting at the time of need.

Friday night (9th March) is the awards night for the Kent Women in Business! So next week I will be telling you all about the awards night, and if we won or not. Fingers crossed!

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