Hello and thank you for reading! Today I will be looking back at our ‘2018 so far for EV Designs – March’ blog post, and talking about what we have achieved and what we need to focus on next in 2019!

The big things I wanted to achieve this year!

  1. Finish my Website.
    Job Done!
  2. Look into doing crowd funding so I can buy an embroidery machine.
    This goal has been postponed until 2019, as we want to focus more on what we already offer, before taking such a big (and expensive) leap.
  3. Create more products to put in my online store.
    This is an ongoing task. Comment below or on our Facebook page and let us know what you want to see in 2019!
    Watch out for our Instagram for new Tie-dye products!
  4. Start a kids line.
    This is something I didn’t manage to do, I have however added to my kids section on my shop. But still want to create more this year.
  5. Start printing home decor.
    I didn’t manage this. I started working on prototypes, but not yet perfected my products enough to sell.
    Keep an eye on our social media sites for more in site! InstagramFacebookTwitter.
  6. Work at events over the summer.
    I had a stall at 3 events this year.
    VW event at Quex Park, Stelling Minnis Windmill Fete, and Stelling Minnis School Christmas Fair.
    We were very successful at the VW event and Windmill fete, but it seems School fairs aren’t the best for my products. But you don’t know until you try, and the stall only cost me £10 so it’s not the end of the world.And have now started looking for events in 2019.
    So please Contact us if you know of any events happening this year that might suit us!
  7. Potentially some freshers fairs.
    I looked into it, but the stall costs were too high for me at the moment.
  8. Work at Christmas markets.
    I did one Christmas Fair, like I said above, and it wasn’t worth the effort I went though.
  9. Research other ways of expanding my business.
    Definitely hoping to start printing mugs this year (need to invest in more equipment for this, and also need to sort out a bigger workshop).
  10. Look at other suppliers to try and get the best deals.
    Job Done!

My Biggest Achievements in 2018!