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EV with half a pizza on my face in barcelona pizza recipe

I love all things to do with food and cooking, so I have decided that I want to share with you all, my simple yet yummy recipes. I am all about minimal ingredients (where possible, curries can’t help it…), simple instructions, and yummy home cooking.

I am hoping to create some YouTube videos to go along side these recipes.
As a dyslexic (hate trying to spell that word! they didn’t make it easy for us…) I find that watching videos and/or listening to instructions are the best way for me to learn and do things. So I hope that my recipes and videos will be helpful for everyone including other Dyslexics.

m&m homemade cookie recipeComment below if there is any particular recipes you would like to see me create.
I have a few tried and tested favourites ready for sharing, but i’m looking for inspiration of recipes I can try and make simpler.



My background:

EV EATS canterbury College catering courseWhen I finished my GCSEs I went on to study Catering at Canterbury College. Being dyslexic, I knew that A levels weren’t for me, so I chose something more practical. 
I studied for 2 years doing Catering and then went on to do a course in Media at Canterbury College. This was an odd change, but it made sense at the time, and I have always been one to go with what feels right at the time.
I realised I was interested in studying Media, whilst working with the SU as an Officer there, I was the Events Officer and then the Social Media Officer, and I found that I was always the one jumping into all of the videos and really enjoyed creating Media content. Hence the decision to go on to do a Media course after finishing my Catering one.

nachos homemade salsa recipeWhilst I was studying Media at Canterbury College (now known as EKC or East Kent College), I created my small home business/hobby EV Designs UK. It started off as a hobby, but it soon turned into a profitable business.
When I was at school, me and my brothers girlfriend at the time (wifey now!), we started a little cupcake business, selling at fetes and other events in the summer, so it is safe to say I have always been interested in baking and food in general.
The other day I was sorting out my old school books, and found a half finished cookbook in there that I was making for a class project. (I then changed my mind and did something to do with fashion). In most things I have done, there is a lot of stop and start and getting distracted, or loosing interest, and that is something that goes along side my being dyslexic. But as well as traits like not being good at reading, writing, spelling, concentrating etc. there is also some awesome traits like being super creative and thinking differently to others. 

Apparently a high percentage of entrepreneurs are Dyslexic!